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Medical devices are the key to the survival of millions of people.

The NovoSorb ® polymer technology was developed to fulfil the need for a synthetic biodegradable product that could be safely used in medical devices. NovoSorb can be expressed as a soft or hard polymer with programmed resorbsion timeframes providing uniquely optimized devices for a variety of applications. PolyNovo’s first medical device using NovoSorb technology is NovoSorb BTM.

NovoSorb BTM (Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix) was invented and developed by PolyNovo using polymer technology originating from CSIRO (Commonwealth Science Industry Research Organization). CSIRO’s Biomaterials Team invented and assigned to PolyNovo a unique range of synthetic absorbable polymers for use in biomedical applications. PolyNovo has subsequently augmented this with further patents directed to absorbable polymers.

Following the 2002 terrorist bombings in Bali many survivors were airlifted to Australia for treatment, some with significant burns. It became apparent that an alternative dermal substitute was required, one of synthetic origin, in order to treat the kinds of delayed and colonized wounds the survivors suffered.

Dr Tim Moore, PolyNovo’s principal scientist, collaborated with Prof. John Greenwood from the Royal Adelaide Hospital in the development of NovoSorb BTM to meet demanding clinical requirements for a dermal matrix. This development included the characterization of the product with its microarchitecture, bonding layer and external sealing membrane. Today NovoSorb BTM is available for use in many countries throughout the world.

The NovoSorb polymer is the driving technology behind PolyNovo’s next generation of novel medical devices currently in development. These devices will bring clinical advances to multiple surgical applications such as hernia repair and breast reconstruction. Further details can be found here.

PolyNovo Company Timeline


PolyNovo incorporated


NovoSkin feasibility study


Facility established in Port Melbourne, Australia


Majority of company acquired by Metabolic Pharmaceuticals


Metabolic Pharmaceuticals changed name to Calzada


First application of NovoSorb BTM at Royal Adelaide Hospital


Hernia Feasibility and Pelvic floor repair study


Calzada divested Metabolic business; changed name to PolyNovo


Factory expansion to enable commercial production


US FDA 510(K) clearance for BTM use in surgical wounds


Established direct salesforce in the United States and Australia


First sale of NovoSorb BTM in the US, South Africa and New Zealand


ISO 13485:2016 accreditation

PolyNovo’s first commercial product using NovoSorb technology is


CSIRO technologies solve the greatest challenges using innovation and technology. Their legacy technologies range from faster WIFI to 3D printing body parts and pioneering new renewable energy sources.

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