Patient Stories

Changing Lives

Traumatic incidents can dramatically change a person’s life forever. In a surgeon’s hands, NovoSorb® BTM can help make a difference on the path to recovery by improving the outcomes of our patients, ultimately changing their lives for the better. Learn how NovoSorb BTM can help enable patients to overcome their traumatic injury.

Faliha’s Story

Burn Contracture Release Plus Minus

After seven years of burn-induced constraints, 9-year-old Faliha found liberation through reconstructive surgery.

After enduring severe burn injuries and debilitating contractures for seven years, Faliha’s life took a transformative turn with a successful surgical procedure, enhancing her range of mobility and overall quality of life. Watch her inspiring video to witness the incredible impact of NovoSorb technology.

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Paul and Toni-Ann’s Story

BTM in chronic wound Use Plus Minus

Most diabetics will get a wound in their foot during their lifetime.

Many diabetics suffer from wounds that are not only limb-threatening, but life-threatening. By applying BTM, an innovative dermal scaffold that gets absorbed by the body, these two patients with severe foot wounds are back on their feet.

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Alan’s Story

Necrotizing fasciitis survivor Plus Minus

When Alan awoke at 2AM, he knew he was in trouble but what he didn’t know was that he only had hours left to live.

At the hospital he was immediately taken into emergency surgery. Necrotizing Fasciitis, a deadly soft tissue infection, had spread deep into the tissues of his chest and neck. His surgeon chose NovoSorb BTM because the risk of a biologic was too great in the presence of his infection. Learn how BTM helped Alan in his dramatic recovery.

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Malcolm’s Story

Traumatic foot injury Plus Minus

After the train crushed his foot, Malcolm was told a below the knee amputation was the only solution.

That outcome wasn’t acceptable to Malcolm or his surgeon. BTM helped to re-cover his exposed structures so his body could heal. Today he stands tall despite the injury that knocked him down. learn more about Malcolm’s path to recovery.

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Lowri’s Story

NovoSorb BTM in Trauma Plus Minus

Lowri suffered a traumatic accident when the tractor she was driving tipped over on her farm.

After being air-lifted to Hospital and stabilised, the surgical team decided that they wanted to use BTM. They believed this would provide the best outcome because of the risk of infection, due to where the accident had happened – a livestock farm. Learn more about Lowri’s accident and her road to recovery.

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