Largest ever single order

16 Feb 2024

PolyNovo is pleased to announce it has received an order with payment in full for $US 775k ($A 1.2m) for product to be delivered into the Ukraine.
The inventory is on hand in the region and ready for despatch. NovoSorb BTM will be used to treat wounded patients numbering in the thousands. The Company anticipates a second order subject to the timely distribution and use of the product.

Chairman, David Williams said: “Our recent support of countries in conflict zones has attracted interest from charities and foreign governments to financially assist in the provision of life saving devices like NovoSorb BTM. In addition to product, Professor Marcus Wagstaff recently ran a training session for circa 30 Ukrainian surgeons on behalf of the British Orthopaedic Association. This session was taped and translated so the message can be widely shared.”

CEO, Swami Raote said: “NovoSorb BTM continues to redefine healing across our world. We are grateful to numerous Surgeons, who have gone close to frontlines to treat the wounded and train Ukrainian surgeons in person/virtually to use NovoSorb successfully in makeshift operation theatre settings. These examples continue to exemplify NovoSorb BTM’s ability to provide superior outcomes across a wide range of dermal defects, in challenging environments.”