PolyNovo acquires exclusive sales and distribution rights for SUPRATHEL® in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

30 May 2024

PolyNovo is pleased to announce that is has acquired exclusive sales and distribution rights in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand for epidermal skin substitute SUPRATHEL®.

SUPRATHEL provides clinicians treating mid-dermal burns and other partial thickness wounds an additional treatment pathway for procedures where NovoSorb® BTM and NovoSorb® MTX are not routinely used. SUPRATHEL has the relevant clinical approvals in each market and has been available in the U.K. since 2004.

SUPRATHEL complements our existing range of graftable products, offering existing customers access to a portfolio of solutions which covers the full continuum of complex wound care.

SUPRATHEL is manufactured by PolyMedics (PMI) and is the market leader in key European markets with over 240,000 patients treated to date. SUPRATHEL is backed by a large body of clinical evidence from around the world. The partnership with PMI is significant as it is the first to see PolyNovo distribute third-party products in addition to its existing suite of NovoSorb portfolio products.

CEO, Swami Raote said: “We are pleased to reciprocate the sterling work done by PMI for us in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and look forward to presenting clinicians in UK and Australia complimentary products for healing acute complex wounds.”



SUPRATHEL is an epidermal substitute, used in the management of burns, donor sites, and abrasions. SUPRATHEL is a single application product that is applied directly to a disinfected and debrided wound bed, where it stays in place until the wound is completely healed. SUPRATHEL is a synthetic product and was developed to mimic human skin, sharing properties such as elasticity, permeability to water vapor, and impermeability to bacteria.